7/5/17 6:37 PM

Wandering Log | June 2017


June may have been our favorite traveling month, though it's hard to compare states. We began at Grand Teton National Park. We fell in love with the wildlife, the mountains, and Jackson. But, June was also bittersweet because we began our journey back east, ultimately ending in Virginia on June 29th. Words can't express how much we feel we've changed in such a short time. Living in a tiny mobile space and seeing new places makes you see yourself from an alternative perspective. And we loved it.

Fun tip: We discovered Planet Fitness! $20/month, unlimited guest access, and unlimited access to any gym across the country. And there are a ton of them! Really stepped up our fitness game this month.


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6/1/17 4:31 PM

Wandering Log | May 2017


May is mainly defined by California. This was Ariele's first time in the state and we tried to see as much of the coast as we could. We opted for the coastal route because we know we will hit the National Parks inland next time around! We were able to camp for free in California using our 30-day trial of a Thousand Trails membership we got when we purchased our Airstream, so this helped immensely to cut down costs.

We started May in Tucson and are wrapping it up in Salt Lake City. 


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5/1/17 11:59 AM

Wandering Log | April 2017


We’ve been living full time on the road for over a month now. It's crazy to think, since this lifestyle is something we’ve been manifesting and working towards for many years now. Focus on something long enough and it will happen, even if it's not the exact way you originally intended it. That's the beauty of it.

Below is a list of our adventures by destination. So if you’re a wanderer like us, here’s some helpful information you'll want to consider if you journey to any of these destinations.


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4/11/17 1:40 PM

Honky Tonkin'

We drove into Nashville with Dolly Parton twanging on our radio. I’ve always wanted to experience Music City and couldn’t wait to soak up the whole culture.

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4/4/17 10:58 AM

Smoky Mountains & Campfire Curry

We arrived Thursday night to Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the first stop on our 7,000+ mile road trip, towing Dorothy (aka Dot) behind us (we named her!).

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2/5/17 9:44 AM

Same Dream, Different Trailer

a.k.a., The Art of Pivoting;

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12/1/16 4:01 PM

The End of One Journey and the Beginning of a New One


No fireworks? Not even a congratulatory pop-up message when I press “submit?” This is what I was expecting on Friday, 11/11 when I made my final student loan payment, signifying the end of debt for Justin and me as a couple. I wanted cheers and applause and a parade because that is what I felt on the inside! FREE FROM DEBT. DEBT FREE. ZERO DEBT. WE OWE NOTHING. I formed these thoughts in my head, trying to find a way to say it that had the most impact. I still don’t think the enormity of this feat has hit me. We paid $28,806.67 in less than a year, all to catapult us closer to our goal of leaving conventionality.

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10/25/16 12:10 PM

Full-Time RVing | The Benefits of Trying Before Buying

There’s a minimalist movement happening and it’s taking the country by storm. Some of the latest research points to living with less as a cornerstone to a happy and fulfilling life. People are learning to ditch excess material possessions and replace them with enriching experiences. One of the most popular manifesto’s is embracing the full-time RV lifestyle. 

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9/11/16 10:37 AM

Reflections on our Summer

I was beat down before the summer even started. We had plans. This was going to be the best Boston summer yet! – join a new gym, go hiking, camping, exploring, and work to make sure the camper was complete by our 8/31 deadline. But, just as the days were getting longer and the trees were budding, I turned my ankle into a messed up situation that changed the course of our summer.

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8/24/16 12:51 PM

How Our Truck Camper Keeps Us Motivated

With every journey, there’s typically a starting point and a destination. We all like to think it’s going to be an easy, straight line from one end to the other, but that’s rarely the case, especially if your journey is converting a vintage travel trailer named Virginia Blue into a full time living space.

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